The SMASH NMR Conference

As a forum for discussion of the development and application of NMR spectroscopy to small molecules, the SMASH NMR conference was established in 1999.  At a time when macromolecules were being seen to dominate the NMR spectroscopic field, three leading industrial practitioners formulated and organized the first meeting to highlight the high quality work that they and others felt was being neglected. Today the SMASH NMR conference still holds as one of it principal ideals this focus on small molecules.

Although the meeting originated from experts in the industrial sector from the first meeting all those involved in the meeting were drawn from all scientific sectors.  Today SMASH continues this practice and operates a strictly non-partisan approach to participation, from attendees, speakers and those willing to volunteer to organize the meeting.  The driving objectives for SMASH remain:

  • To further the knowledge and understanding of the science of small molecules as exemplified through NMR spectroscopy
  • To recognize the contribution to scientific advancement of practitioners of small molecule based NMR spectroscopy
  • To highlight the diversity of application across multiple areas of applications of NMR spectroscopy of small molecules
  • To build and strengthen collaborations through the provision of a forum for discussion, presentation and social exchange
  • To provide a non-partisan environment and encourage constructive debate and in doing so to provide fit-to-use solutions for immediate application
  • To provide a truly international meeting, avoiding national biases, but reflecting global diversity

Although the SMASH NMR conference originated in the USA, in 2003 it started to alternate between an US meeting in even years and an European meeting on odd years.  Over the years the meetings have started to develop their own style, even if the critical parts (lectures, workshops, tutorials) remain the same.  The meeting continues to evolve to meet the requirements of the changing scientific scene, from advances in science through to the need for many to become entrepreneurs with their own companies. 

As SMASH moves forward through its second decade we continue to look to the future and welcome suggestions for topics, themes, improvements to better provide a high quality small molecule conference.

Contact us at smashnmrorg@gmail.com