Site and Logistics


For general queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We don't pre-assign booth/table positions, but we hope you agree that there is no such thing as a bad site for you in SMASH.

Sponsor booths and tables are located in the Foyer (below left) at the centre of meeting. Scientific sessions (Ballrooms A&B), coffee breaks (Foyer), posters, breakfast, lunch and dinners (Ballrooms C&D) are all connected.

ballroom LibertyBallroomFoyer

Wi-Fi and Electricity

Wi-Fi is free-of-charge for our sponsors, while connection to Electricity will be charged by the venue (details on pricing will be available soon)

(Sponsors with unusually high Wi-Fi bandwidth needs are asked to contact the Hotel to discuss their needs).

Booth Materials

Deliver materials that fit into your designated space.

NOTE: Curved booth walls will not be accomodated in Table Sponsor spaces.

Delivery Dates and Address will be announced soon.