SMASH 2013 Talks

Monday, September 23rd
Less-common NMR-active Nuclei in Small Molecules - Fernando Lopez Ortiz
NMR at High Temperature in Molten Inorganic Materials : From the Local Structure to the DynamicsCatherine BessadaAbstract
A Cutaway Drawing of Some NMR ParametersBernd WrackmeyerAbstractTalk
Structure and Polymorphism in Small Molecules and Drugs: Insights from Solid-State NMR of Quadrupolar NucleiDavid L. BryceAbstractTalk
Polymer Networks for the Measurement of Anisotropic NMR ParametersAnn-Christin PöpplerAbstract
Molecular Interactions by NMR. The Ligand-based Perspective - Gary Sharman
Information on Binding from the Ligand Spectrum: An OverviewGordon C K RobertsAbstractTalk
Reporter-based Ligand Screening by NMR: Applications to 2OG-Dependent OxygenasesTim ClaridgeAbstractTalk
A Comprehensive NMR Analysis of the Interaction between DKP-RGD Ligands and Membrane Proteins on Intact Cells (Upgraded Poster)Ileana GuzzettiAbstractTalk
A Spin Diffusion Based Method to Determine Protein-Ligand Complex Structures Demonstrated on Enzymes of Pharmaceutical Interest (Upgraded Poster)Jens PilgerAbstract
Structural Elucidation: Different Approaches and InsightsCo-chairs: Tim Claridge &
Brian Marquez
Tuesday, September 24th
Integration of NMR Metabolomic with Other Platforms and Omics - Silvia Mari
Merging Data Coming from Different Metabolomics PlatformsMaria VinaixaAbstract
High Throughput NMR vs MS for Serum Metabolomics: A Comparison of Platforms Through Case StudiesNaomi RankinAbstract
Can Urine Metabolic Profiling Help to Diagnose or Predict Disorders of the Mother, Fetus and Newborn? (Upgraded Poster)Sílvia O. DiazAbstractTalk
1H S-Filter: Quantitative Edition of Singlets in 1D 1H NMR Spectra for the Study of Complex Mixtures (Upgraded Poster)Manuel Martín-PastorAbstractTalk
Workshops (concurrent)
Reaction Monitoring & QuantitationChair: Silvia DavalliAbstractTalk
Solid State NMR in PharmaChair: Steven BrownAbstractTalk
Wednesday, September 25th
New Developments in NMR Methodology - Lucio Frydman
Advances in Pure Shift NMRPeter KiralyAbstractTalk
Superconductive NMR Probe Technology for Small SamplesWilliam BreyAbstractTalk
Multinuclear Nanoliter 1D and 2D NMR Spectroscopy with a Single Planar Microcoil (Upgraded Poster)Raluca M. FratilaAbstractTalk
Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy on a Desktop Spectrometer (Upgraded Poster)Andrew CoyAbstract
Methods of Analysis for Food Ingredients and Products - John van Duynhoven
Small Molecule Analysis in Food: an Overview and Some Recent ApplicationsApostolos SpyrosAbstractTalk
Application of Recent Advances in quantitative NMR to Authentication of BeveragesSerge AkokaAbstractTalk
CRAFT (Complete Reduction to Amplitude Frequency Table) – Principles and Application to Food Sciences (Upgraded Poster)Krish KrishnamurthyAbstractTalk
qNMR Targeted Profiling of Food Compounds (Upgraded Poster)Ewoud J.J. van VelzenAbstractTalk
Determination of Stereochemistry by NMR - Ricardo Riguera
Recent Achievements of NMR in Chiral Anisotropic Media: NMR Methodology and ApplicationsPhilippe LesotAbstract
NMR in Aligned Media, Computation and Chiroptics: from Constitution to Absolute ConfigurationArmando Navarro-VazquezAbstractTalk
Differentiation of Enantiomers in Complex Systems by NMR Spectroscopy and Chiral Solvating Agents: Applications and Methodology (Upgraded Poster)Míriam Pérez-TrujilloAbstractTalk
Chiral Solvation Revisited: Developing a CSA Method with a Single Enantiomer (Upgraded Poster)Richard J. LewisAbstractTalk
Advances in Conformational Analysis and Dynamics by NMR - Teo Parella
Structure and Conformation of Oligosaccharides by NMR SpectroscopyGöran WidmalmAbstractTalk
Anisotropic NMR Parameters for the Configurational Analysis of Small MoleculesBurkhard LuyAbstract
Configurational Analysis with a Small Number of NOEs – a Test Case (Upgraded Poster)Matthias KöckAbstract
Quantification of Free Ligand Conformational Preferences by NMR and Their Relationship to the Bioactive Conformation (Upgraded Poster)Charles D. BlundellAbstractTalk