Book here to get the SMASH room rate ($180+taxes per room/night) at the Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia
Benefits to booking the SMASH room rate at the Sheraton:
  • Breakfast is included* (in the SMASH Conference breakfast suite) for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • WiFi is included and available to you through the entire hotel 
  • Flexible booking (check the booking for exact details)
Thinking of booking Off-site Accommodation? 

  • SMASH Breakfast will NOT be included for those staying off-site
  • Students must stay at the Sheraton Downtown for SMASH to pay towards accommodation cost**
  • SMASH conference WiFi is only available in the scientific sessions
  • Parking charges apply (around $38/day+tax currently) 


Philadelphia International airport is only 30 minutes drive or train from the hotel. Cab or train (to Suburban Station – 6 minute walk from hotel) can be taken to the hotel. Details can be found on the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown travel website

30th Street Station is a short cab ride or a 20-minute walk away from the hotel.

The hotel is located in the heart of Philadelphia and easily accessible by car. Parking is available at the hotel (charged per day). See Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown travel website for details and recommended routes.


* The Conference breakfast is only included for attendees staying at the conference hotel  - book through the SMASH link - you will receive vouchers for the Conference breakfast at check in.

** Students must book their accommodation at the conference hotel. SMASH will then pay 3 nights shared accommodation ($90/night) cost towards your room bill once you are at the meeting. There is no requirement that students share accommodation, but SMASH will only cover the price of 3 nights of shared accommodation.